Business Analyst
Reporting & Analysis Tool Developer

Business analysis and project management experience guides my collaborative, problem solving development approach.

Core Services
  • Development of reporting and analysis tools, employing data residing in SQL Server and other systems, presented in VBA-driven Excel dashboards and scorecards.
  • Extensive experience developing custom office automation solutions in VBA, Access and Excel.
  • Provide data integrity consulting and process development to support cross-system reporting and analysis.
  • Help individuals and organizations make their data more useful.
  • Identify and implement solutions for small and large data corruption challenges.
  • Design and delivery of processes that render data from overlapping systems friendly and useful.
  • Data consolidation and migration.
  • Address nonprofit organizations’ special multi-system data management challenges.
  • Identification and implementation of processes that reduce the time spent managing information and performing administrative tasks so teams can focus on emerging opportunities.

Regarding Automation
If your organization already uses the Microsoft Office Suite, many recurring information management tasks can be automated so they are performed swiftly, accurately and consistently.